Taylor. 18. Adelaide All Star (Galaxy) in Australia. Side base. Level 3 co-ed.

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Carly manning at six flags




Ok look at them. I think that we can all agree that they are beautiful and in amazing shape… Bet you didn’t notice that none of them have a thigh gap.
Whether or not you have a thigh gap does not indicate how beautiful you are or your level of fitness. Never forget that.

omg this ^^^^

Whenever I feel sad bc I don’t have a thigh gap I think I this

Ok I’m being dead serious idk what asshole came up with this thigh gap bullshit but it is literally the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard of in my life.I am a size zero/one.I can fit children’s clothes if they are xl or large.i don’t have a thigh gap.really to have a thigh gap you have to position your toes like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats then you will have one.But coming from guys a lot of them don’t know what it is nor do they care.it’s a dumbass trend don’t get yourself down on it

Everything is better after I bedazzle it☺️

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Split-drop like it’s hot

The perfect ending to an unforgettable season with an amazing group of girls. Winning the Majors and being a Silver Worlds medalist are just a few of my favorite memories from this year. And what better way to end it than with a ring😉💍
kanyewestfeaturing: love how people try and tell you that you're a bad person for breaking up with an emotionally abusive drug addict who didn't love you? why are these children allowed on the internet surely it's past their bedtimes??

People are stupid I swear, they need to get a life and stop trying to dictate mine! Losers ahaha

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Anonymous: youre a fucking cunt

Who even are you????? Swearing is so

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can i be jessica

Fire and Ice 5 Alarm

Rest in peace, Dani 👼😭💔